Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The HUGE Value of Our Emotions

Emotions ARE our gold! They are our personal guidance! Literally, they tell us which direction we are heading with our manifestations! They are like our own personal, always correct "compasses"! Negative emotions are literally "warning bells" telling us, OK, time to turn around and head in the other direction, and good feeling emotions are telling us, YES, you're going in the right direction, keep going! Sounds simplistic yes, but it really is that simple! Now isn't that the most clever, coolest "tool" that was ever created naturally?! Such a perfect design this Universe, isn't it?!

We ALL have all the knowledge we could ever need to create anything we want and it's ALL within us!!! Our only work is to "course correct" by observing our feelings about the things we want, and then progressively practice more, and more thoughts that give us feelings of belief, happiness and expectation around them!

The important part is to pay attention to, and VALUE our emotions, ALL of them! Does no good to judge them, thinking we "shouldn't" have them. They're there, feeling bad about having the "bad ones" will get you more feeling bad, and we know where that goes with our manifestations .,,.....

Actually just the act of noticing your negative e-motions without judgement, and not trying to "not feel" them will allow them to move more easily! Try it, next time you feel bad about something say to yourself.....I am where I am, and it is what it is, and, "SO WHAT, BIG DEAL", it is what it is, and it's just temporarily where I am right now! I know it will shift, it always does! "E-motions" are always "In-motion", if I let them!

Also, try thinking of your negative feeling e-motions as opportunities! Yes, opportunities to make headway on our manifestation goals! Every time you really feel one of those "gut hits" of negativity, it's an opportunity to shift your feelings about whatever subject you're thinking about! And each time you shift your feelings "up" a little you are that much closer to having what you want, and pretty soon the Law of Attraction's "positive momentum" makes it easier and easier to shift, and then, eventually you feel so good about it that it has to appear!

So, next time you have one of those previously "dreaded" negative e-motion hits, get excited and say "Yeah, another awesome opportunity to get closer to having what I want!

It's ALL Working FOR Me!``

My mantra and yours should be "It's All Working FOR Me"! Why? Well, because it is, and.....because with that belief in place, then it IS all working FOR you! The meaning you give everything in your life is the meaning you CREATE! The meaning you give things in your life IS the actual act of creation, it is the actual act of creating your reality! Think about it, all situations and circumstances, in and of themselves are neutral, except for the meaning YOU give them! You give them the meaning, the story about them! Make up a different story, make up a GOOD story, unless of course you are enjoying the bad story and wallowing in the misery and pity of others, and you know what that will get you.....more misery and things to be pitied about!

You are the one creating everything in your life, so YOU are the one making ALL the rules! If you think that someone or something else is making the rules, then you are just making their rules your rules! You are the creator of it ALL! You get what I am saying here??? Do you get the huge powerful implications here?! There are no rules except the ones YOU choose to believe in, and therefore, YOU are making ALL the rules in YOUR life, big and small! You always get to choose your own rules!!!

Just because something happened for someone else in a certain way, because they did a certain thing, does NOT mean it has to happen that way for you! Not when you know the LOA, and how what you focus on, and believe in is what comes to you! No, you know better than that, so you know to question EVERYTHING that people say about cause and effect, unless it serves YOU; meaning if it feels GOOD to think about FOR YOU! If the effect they are telling you will happen doesn't make you happy, then decide YOUR OWN effect! That is YOUR true freedom, and innate natural power as an individual creator! The cause and effect is ONLY related to YOU, and what you believe will happen from your cause!

So, if you believe that IT'S ALL WORKING FOR YOU, then everything WILL work FOR you! Just by saying and believing that, by the LOA, you WILL CREATE everything as WORKING FOR YOU! You don't need to know the how, that is NOT YOUR JOB, that is the Universe's; just know that it's all working for you, and it will! Circumstances and situations that look negative on the surface will "magically" turn around to be the best "blessings in disguise", and you will not even spend more than a minute "suffering" from them because you will know, "IT'S ALL WORKING FOR YOU"!

Just TRY it for a couple of weeks, or even days and I guarantee you WILL see evidence of EVERYTHING WORKING FOR YOU! And one more thing......it is such a RELIEF to know that EVERYTHING IS WORKING FOR YOU, just that feeling alone(and you know RELIEF is ALLOWING the GOOD to come) is worth the try! Trust me on this, I KNOW first hand of what I speak of :)!

PS: I happily welcome any comments or questions on this post and any others!

Manifesting Good Health With the Law of Attraction

........This is a response I gave to someone who asked me how I stayed healthy no matter what I did or didn't do, and I'm here to tell you I do a lot of things on a regular basis that many think are "bad" for your health(I won't go into detail but let's just say I ALWAYS do whatever I feel like doing:)! Anyway I thought it would make for a good blog post that might help others in the health and LOA area....

Enjoy and I hope you get something of value from it :)!

First thing I'll tell you here is that I am really healthy! Oh yes I get an ache or pain once in a while, and maybe a headache but it's VERY temporary! I haven't had a cold in over 5 years, and can't ever remember getting the flu since I was maybe 10 yrs old, despite(or maybe in spite of:) my husband and son getting both of these things at least 2 or 3 times a year!

I consider myself having health "handled" because I don't fear anything around my health at all anymore! I know very clearly my health is a result of how I feel, and flow energy, no matter what I do or don't do, and nothing to be afraid of, because I can always change how I feel, no big deal! I tell you this not to "brag"(although I am proud of it:), but more to "up" the "evidence factor" in what I've written so you will believe and it will work even better for you!

So, my biggest, most dominant underlying belief is that it is the most natural thing in the world to be totally healthy. Anything else is just plain odd, and only temporary! I don't affirm "perfect health" in the conventional way, I just "assume" that's the way I am supposed to be!

Our bodies are built to balance, heal and rejuvinate themselves, and I am not saying this from a metaphysical perspective, but from "scientific biological fact" perspective(for all you "scientific evidence junkies";).....think how as soon as you cut your finger the blood rushes to the surface to clean and heal it and then it "naturally" scabs and heals itself! If it works on such small things as cuts, then of course it works with the "bigger" things "gone wrong", right?! Your body is constructed like a well oiled machine that is self regulating!

Doctors know this, they know that when they give you an antibiotic, the pill doesn't "cure" you, it just enables your body to better cure itself! That's why medicines work for some and not others!

And so based on this dominant belief of "Natural Health", I know that anything that seems to be going "wrong" in my body is only temporary, and all I need to do is get out of the way so my body can do it's natural work! And getting out of the way is doing the "emotional work"!

And How Do I Get Out of My Body's Way?
1. First of all if I do get some ailment, ache, or pain I don't resist it, I don't judge or beat up on myself for having it. I just let it be what it is, and maybe even use it as an excuse to do nothing and let go of all "burdens" of busyness! The world is not going to end if you don't participate:). Don't underestimate the power of this perspective either....what you resist, persists!

2. I also don't talk about it, dwell on it, trade notes with anybody else about it either. I just let it be, and don't make a big deal about it. I make it "NO BIG DEAL", just a temporary thing that will go away!

3. I do whatever feels good for me physically, take a pill, lay down, exercise, sleep etc...... I don't judge any of it, it's all "Gods" solutions :)!

4. I take any and all imbalances in my body as really really good information from my Inner Being(guidance), and I ask myself what this imbalance is telling me! I am very grateful for my body talking to me so clearly when my "thick head" isn't "listening" to what I am dwelling on! Cause, for there to be an imbalance in the body there HAS to be an imbalance in the mind!

5. Then I ask myself what's going on in my life that relates to this ailment. Like for instance, sometimes I get tightness in my neck and shoulders, and I KNOW it's relating to my feeling like something is blocking me or is a "pain in the neck".....

And then I go to "work" on making PEACE with whatever it is that is bothering me. And sometimes I can't make peace right then, so I ask my Inner Being to show me how(while I relax:) and give me any other info I may need.

*Also, I ask myself,(per Abraham) "how does this ailment" make me feel emotionally(not physically, although that could be good info too)....for instance being sick and stuck home for a week might make you feel frustrated, or even fearful(if you lose money from it etc...), and then I ask myself "where else in my life do I feel like this"? And that would be a place to "make peace" with too.

6. And this is probably the MOST important of all of them for continued good health and reinforcement of the belief in the "Natural Good Health" of your body; I do lists of positive aspects(also per Abraham) almost every day on my body, how strong it is, how very resilient, how well put together(all parts intact:) it is, things I like about it etc....

So, in essence: I truly believe it is natural and normal to be healthy. I don't make a big deal when I am not "perfect", I know it's only temporary. I do the "physical" thing that feels best to ME. I take it as very valuable info that gives me something to "work" with, when I am not "listening" closely enough to my thoughts and emotions. I ask my guidance system to help me out, and I do major positive aspect lists on my beautiful strong body that works so well for me!