Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Resistance: What it is and What to Do About It.....

Resistance called boredom is still resistance.
Resistance called overwhelment is still resistance.
Resistance called working too hard and not getting enough is still resistance.

San Francisco, CA 07/24/2010

This Abraham quote made me think of a conversation I had with my "Mastermind Group" today, I sent this to them, and I thought I'd post my thoughts about it here too for all of my readers benefit also.....

I think many times we "think" we feel "good" but we still have a lot of "resistance" going on. And the more we know about the loa, the more we "let" ourselves want(cause now we know, or at least we believe more is possible for us), therefore the faster our energy moves.....and then.....and I'll paraphrase Abraham here, "when you hit a tree going 100mph as opposed to 20mph, it's a much bigger crash!

So, what's the solution with all this "little" stuff that gets "big" quick now......well, that's the WORK, our ONLY work that is of any importance at all; it is to constantly downplay anything that bothers us or others, constantly make a big deal about anything that feels at all good, make lots of lists of positive aspects, put EVERTHING in the MOST positive light we can possibly manage, make NO big deal about our mistakes, errors or mis-judgements, OR anyone elses, appreciate as much as possible every little thing we can, watch things on tv that make us smile, not growl:) or worry, and MOST IMPORTANTLY.....NOT BEAT OURSELVES UP WHEN WE FORGET TO DO ALL THESE THINGS, lol!

....and I invite all of YOU to please comment, question or add anything else that works for you dear readers :)))!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Convincing Yourself!

Are you convinced you actually CAN have what you want? Or has your life(thus far) convinced you that you can't, or at the very least, can't without a lot of work, education and time?! And I wouldn't blame anyone for this because so many popular self help gurus and authors, and even other LOA teachers, not to mention "mainstream common knowledge" tell us this is so! All that "massive action", work hard, keep trying etc.... bullshit we buy into all our lives!

And really, I'm sure they mean well, because maybe it's been their experience, but it's just NOT THE TRUTH!

I am here to tell you that in order to get what you want the only thing you have to do is truly convince YOURSELF that you CAN! After that it's a cakewalk since you are in complete alignment with yourself(what you want and what you believe you can have)!

After you get that alignment with YOU and YOU(the YOU here and now and the YOU you want to be, which technically you already are, but that's another story, lol!), then all your actions are inspired, fun, enjoyable, easy and natural since you BELIEVE they will WORK, and have a positive outcome!

Think about it, isn't it only "hard" work when you don't think it is going to net much reward, but if you think that what you do is going to totally work easily and quickly, then it is fun and easy too?!

And haven't you met and/or seen many people, even stars and celebrities who really didn't even have much talent be successful beyond belief???!!! I know I have, and I've seen this phenomenon in almost every line of work!

What is their secret, which is not a secret anymore since I am telling you about it, lol? It's the absolute, unswerving, uncompromising belief in themselves with total disregard to what anyone else thinks! Think; Lady Gaga! Need I say more, lol?! Oh yes I suppose she is talented and creative but totally WEIRD AND OUT OF THE BOX! She wore a REAL BEEF costume to the Grammy's! And I would bet any amount of money that there a about 100,000 other musicians that are just as good as she is, if not better! So, why HER?!

I actually read one of her interviews where she said that she used to tell everyone how famous and rich and successful she would be! She was totally convinced about herself and who she was and where she was going and.....about five #1 hits later she's right there!

So, we've ascertained convincing yourself is ESSENTIAL to success, but you might say, as I would have in the past; BUT I AM CONVINCED! Well, that is BULLSHIT, cause if you were totally completely convinced then you would be THERE!

LOA is ALWAYS reliable and consistent, ALWAYS! No exceptions, you get what you vibrate, and what you vibrate is a combination of the alignment between what you want and what you believe/expect!!!

If what you want is not totally consistent with what you believe, and therefore expect to have, then it is a NO SHOW! Period, end of story! Universe doesn't give based on just desire, or even talent and especially NOT on need(unless you believe you always get what you need;)!

LOA is just a mirror for your beliefs(which come from your thoughts), and expectations(which come from your beliefs)! Simple cause and effect here!

So, then how do you CONVINCE YOURSELF?! Well this is easier than it seems, BUT it does take some time(this is where some work and time comes in, sorry;), or maybe for you it doesn't, everybody is different:)!

1. You start telling yourself a NEW STORY! Oh, you don't totally need to lie to yourself at first, just tell your old story with a new better feeling twist! Anotherwords tell it with the victory at the end, tell it with all the "learnings" and "gifts" you've received that are of sooo much benefit to you now! Tell it with a deliberately positive slant, because I KNOW there's been a LOT of good stuff in your life and it has all led you here to knowing the LOA and actually getting some insight and tools that really work, lol :)!

2. Write a list of Positive Aspects(idea courtesy of Abraham-Hicks) of yourself foremost, how smart, clever, funny, talented, on time, considerate, caring, beneficial and helpful to others, etc.. you are! And I mean ham it up to yourself, really think of every little detail about yourself that could be considered good(to you or others) list them, and congratulate yourself! And even if you didn't always do or say the "right" thing you are proud of, give yourself congrats that you INTENDED the best! And even congratulate yourself for not giving up, and for all the "little" things you have manifested so far in your life and all the "real life education" you've received! And how you have SOOO MUCH IN YOUR VIBRATIONAL ESCROW NOW, and how quick it's going to show up now that you know what to do!

3. And third, just literally CONVINCE yourself by telling yourself every chance you get that you can have what you want, how good you are at what you do, how much you want it, how appreciative you will be of it, how it is sooo perfect for you to have it right now, how you are so ready for it, how it is perfect that it hasn't come til now cause you weren't ready for it "then", how good you feel about it, how good it's gonna feel, how it has happened for others who aren't even as good as you and how you know this "convincing secret" so it has to be close at hand now!

So DO IT....do the happy "hard" work of CONVINCING YOURSELF! And let me know how it's going for you and what shows up, or any other comments or questions etc....you may have about this post or anything else!